terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

You're not alone

Another day passed sadly;
And unfortunately I'm still alone;
How can this happen to me so?
I'm alone and nobody tells me yes;

Sometimes I wonder: Where's the love?
And a whisper soothes my pain;
A soft whisper that tells me;
"I'm here and I will always with you";

"You're not alone, my love";
"I am here simply to love you";
I hear these words and feel no pain;

Then I wake up and remember what I dreamed;
The whisper I heard, I could dream;
But I'm still alone, this I know;

To be continued! 


But once a beautiful day is gone;
And I'm still without you now;
I don't remember the day I said goodbye;
Come back to me for God's sake;

Sometimes I wonder: What made you go?
And the answer I can't know;
And the pain of loneliness I start to feel;
And then you show up to tell me;

"Don't be so, you're not alone";
And you whisper in my ear saying;
"My love, I need to tell you somethin ';

"Be with you forever want;
"Fernanda you know you're all mine";
"You're not alone!" And then I surrender;

The end!

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