terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2012

Who am I?

My name is Fernanda and always will be;
Like the love I conquer;
And as God walks beside me;
And Michael Jackson is the better artist;

Who am I? A girl who loves much;
And in love I can always overcome;
The life is sometimes full of drama;
I'm just a girl who wants to love;

Who am I? A girl extroverted;
I want to always be at peace with life;
The life that makes me wonder: Who am I?

I am the Nandinha Jackson appeared;
And I don't want and don't pretend to know;
Of all the things that make me suffer;

 To be continued!


Who am I? I am a girl very happy;
And I never regret anything I did;
Who am I? I am the way I want;
And so I'll have all that hope;

I'm just a special girl;
Who am I? I am a normal girl;
And I say that I'm not have envy of nobody;
Only I want can love too;

Who am I? I have a way of life;
Living in this world without fear of dying;
For I know the truth that is in me;

Who am I? I'm just so;
A girl who just called Fernanda;
And I just know that nobody tells me;

 The end!

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