quinta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2012

I wanted to be Lisa Marie Presley

If I could have been this woman;
I never divorced from my love;
If I were her, I never would have made suffer;
A person who deserved to feel pain;

A woman who actually got lucky;
Lisa, you have no idea what was lost;
If I were Lisa, I would be very strong;
To not make the mistake that she made;

If I were her, I would have done differently;
I would have stayed married to someone;
I didn't deserve to have been lacking;

I wanted to be she and was able to change;
The mistake that she didn't need anyone;
To help me take care and always love;

To be continued!


If I were her, I would never cry;
Someone who didn't deserve to have suffered;
I wanted Lisa to be able to love;
And I married my dear Michael;

Lisa Marie Presley, a woman who lost;
Someone who could have lived with it;
Forever, but unfortunately he died;
If I were her, he would not have died;

Michael could still exist;
And continue to be an enchanted being;
And I'd be there with him to feel;

An infinite love that would never end;
No conflict might have broken;
The love I have for him in me;

The end!

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