terça-feira, 21 de agosto de 2012

My lucky number

I have a number that gives me a lot of luck;
This number is very important to me;
For with that number I can stay very strong;
The seven (7) is a number that has no end;

There is no end, because seven gives me a power;
My lucky number let me win;
Any game that I can lose playing;
But I don't lose if I play with seven;

The seven (7) is my lucky number;
And with that I just pride;
For the seven plus make me strong;

It's a number that makes me feel alive;
Well I do birthday in July;
The seventh month of the year that can only be;.

To be continued!


E can also be the seventh day;
It is on July 7th that I appeared;
I was born on the seventh of the month seven that joy;
And that's why I'm right here;

My lucky number is also God;
God made ​​the world in seven days only;
And I'll never be able to say goodbye;
For a number that just gave me joy;

And I see seven colors in the rainbow;
When appears in the sky after rain;
The number seven always makes me happy;

My lucky number seven and the at last;
Finally I'm done and I can tell;
What is the seven that gives me so much luck;

The end!

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