sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2012

Love or hate?

Love or hate? What is the best feeling?
I'm trying to understand and figure;
What is the best feeling to feel;
Sometimes I have the two in the thought;
And thus I feel that I need to choose;
The love that sometimes gives me much pleasure;
And also sometimes saddens me;
Or I choose to the hate annoys me?

Love or hate? Is complicated to understand;
But it is amazing to know that I prefer to love;
Same knowing that I can suffer;

Because I do not feel happy to hate;
'Cause when I unfortunately hate when someone;
I get very annoyed also;

To be continued!


And then I will always choose love;
Even when I'm suffering;
Because everyone who loves pain sufferers;
The pain of love that grows in the heart;

When the hate comes with betrayal;
Because who hate, beyond annoy;
Going betraying and hurting the whole heart;
From someone who only wanted to love and understand;

Understand the love that is difficult  to have;
Again I am coming to ask;
Love or hate? What I can choose?

And I reply that I choose love;
'Cause loving I can always to find;
Happiness that never brought me pain;

The end!

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