quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2012

Michael Sexy Jackson

Michael is always a great seducer;
For he has a lovely way to be sexy;
Michael Sexy Jackson is a composer;
That can be very sexy without knowing;

Michael is always crazy;
Jackson's fans all around the world;
Even I, a fan who has brought;
In my heart a great love deep;

The King of Pop has a sexy way of dancing;
What I can easily get the air;
Michael Sexy Jackson is my beloved king;

The King of Pop's sexy, it's all that I found;
Michael Sexy Jackson is just a number one;
What this world doesn't compare to none;



Nobody can compare to this man;
That can always be so sexy;
In a way like it was yesterday;
He danced and sang like a sexy to me;

How he managed to find a way to be sexy?
That I don't know, but I would understand;
Michael Sexy Jackson is very exciting;
The king of pop is very interesting;

Michael, I can't stop loving you;
You're just too addictive;
Like a drug that I can't stop using;

Michael Jackson is Sexy and provocative;
He lives in my heart forever;
Michael knows how to be intensely sexy;

The end!

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