domingo, 11 de novembro de 2012

The moment

When I am alone without knowing what to do;
I imagine the moment I'll be able to see you;
The moment of tell you that is love that I feel;
The love that I feel for you is truth I don't lie;

Because before of lie to you, I would die;
So I need a moment every day;
The moment to say you always the truth;
The truth is that I feel much longings;

Longing to be with you and be able to love you;
Every the moment in that I am by your side;
I forget my problems, for me everything passed;

I know that very faraway from me you are;
I know too that I love you and want you;
And therefore, with patience I wait for you;

To be continued!

And I'll wait for you for all the moment;
Until the time is right to have you with me;
And sometimes I stay thinking, "I can't stand";
I can't stand to wait to be with you;

But I know also that I feel one infinite love;
The my love that for you, grows every day;
Therefore I'll wait for you whatever time is;
Whatever time is necessary for our joy;

I need to be very strong to expect;
The moment right to be by your side;
The moment that I'll be able have you like boyfriend;

The moment that forever I will love you;
I know that this time away from you;
Will pass so fast that I'll not to perceive;

The end!

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