domingo, 29 de julho de 2012

I dreamed the king of pop

How can I forget a dream?
What happened in a beautiful moment;
A moment not out of thought;
But is this dream that made ​​me realize;

That was just a beautiful dream that serene;
I dreamed the king of pop in a quiet night;
In a perfect night I dreamed;
And dream of the king of pop I loved;

But I would very much like it was real;
This dream that was special to me;
During this beautiful dream I could feel;

And when I woke up I could think;
What happened this perfect dream;
I know that Michael Jackson is not dead;

To be continued!


I dreamed the king of pop and it was crazy;
In a night so beautiful and pure;
I simply could not just dream;
But I could live and be happy;

Because this dream is very special;
But it is a pity that could not be real;
But my dream seemed very real;
For a beautiful dream I could live;

Michael Jackson was very sexy and beautiful;
I could not and could not resist;
He was coming towards me;

This dream that was perfect for me;
For a great pleasure I could feel;
The king of pop for me has no defect;

To be continued!


I dreamed the king of pop and I could feel;
A feeling as I could sleep;
That to me was a great pleasure without end;
That made ​​me so happy and cheerful as well;

I dreamed the king of pop and lived well;
For this dream I dreamed of someone;
I love and I'll love forever;
I dreamed about it and did not want to wake up;

While I slept I was happy;
But unfortunately when I woke up;
Very sad and I was discouraged;

But these sonnets that I just did;
Now I could clearly perceive;
What a beautiful dream that made ​​me also live;

The end!

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