quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2012


I love your beautiful way of being that excite me;
You are very exciting and I can't deny;
I want make love with you, then comes love me;
I want be all your, and I never resist me;

You are very handsome, sexy and irresistible;
So, with me you can do whatever you want;
Because it is only you who can give me pleasure;
Is a pleasure very exciting and incredible;

Exciting is your beautiful body that warms me;
Exciting is your tasty way to make love;
Exciting are your kisses that make me crazy;

Only you know how to give me the pleasure without end;
Only with you I can feel the intense heat;
This is exciting, and surrenders up to me;

To be continued!
In the next sonnet "Make love"!

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