terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2012

Harry Potter

To a young wizard's of the well , I want to write;
A sonnet to that I can remember;
Of all the movies of Harry that I could see;
Harry Potter is a wizard I'll always to like;

"The Philosopher's Stone", where it all began;
"The Chamber of Secrets", was opened again;
"Prisoner of Azkaban", said innocent;
"The Goblet of Fire" is a great offer;

"The Order of the Phoenix," first kiss happened;
"The Half-Blood Prince," the professor died;
"The relics of the death" there are two parts;

Harry Potter, your films is an art;
Harry is from Rony and Hermione is a great friend;
The school of magic and wizardry of Hogwarts is shelter;

The end!

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